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We offer the most advanced  sclerotherapy treatment for the removal of spider veins and varicose veins.  During your first FREE consultation we will conduct a comprehensive study of you vascular lower extremities.
Computerized Evaluation
 The Computerized medical evaluation
combines variables to provide estimate on length and type of treatment which will be best for you. 

  • Number of Affected Areas 
  • Severity of Your Case, 
  • Diameter of the Varicosities
  • Color and Tone of Your Skin
  • Age
 Sclerotherapy is a common treatment for small (spider veins) and medium size (reticular) veins.

  • Inject the veins with a solution                (called a sclersant) 
  • Solution irritates the lining of the vein.
  • The veins collapse and are reabsorbed.
  • The surface veins are no longer visible. 
  • Done at an early stage, helping to prevent further complications. 

 Sclerotherapy is an out patient procedure. Generally, resume normal activities after therapy. 

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Complications From Untreated Varicose Veins
Did you know? If unattended, varicose veins could have serious  medical problems, like ulcerations, venous dermatitis, and hyperpigmentation.

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Crown Medical Location 6785 sw 40 st  Miami, Fl. 33155
6785   SW   Bird Rd  
Miami, Fl. 33155 

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