1. Is the treatment with injections or laser?
Our treatment is called Sclerotherapy which is with injections. Sclerotherapy is the best choice for patients because in most cases we can treat varicose and spider veins at the same time. 

2. How much is the treatment?
Each treatment is $160 per session which is one full treatment getting the spiders and varicose veins. However, we do offer a membership which is a one time annual fee for $45, the membership lowers the cost of each session up to 50% off. 

3. Do you accept insurance?
All insurance plans are different but most often insurance companies consider this treatment cosmetic even when the patient has symptoms such as pain. However, some Medicare plans could cover this treatment when it is medical necessary.

4. How many syringes are applied in each session?
The number of injections depends if the veins are spider or varicose veins. At Crown Medical we apply the maximum dosage of the medication. 

5. What is the solution injected?
The solution injected its FDA approved. The agents we use are Asclera (Polidocanol), Hypertonic Saline, and Sotradecol.

6. Do you inject the varicose and spider veins?
Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate both varicose and spider veins. Therefore we inject both.

7. Can I continue regular activities after treatment such as exercising or running?
There are no activity restrictions following sclerotherapy treatments. Moderate running and workouts in general are good the only restriction is heavy weight lifting. 

8. How many treatments are necessary?
The severity of each case determines how many treatments you’ll need. After your first consultation the doctor would give an estimate on how many treatments you’ll need depending your specific case.

9. Is it likely for varicose veins to reappear?
The purpose of sclerotherapy is to clear the existing veins; it is common for other veins to develop which most of the time are new ones. We recommend for patients to come in once a year for maintenance and wear compression stockings to slow the progression of spider veins reoccurring.

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