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Skin Color & Allergy Testing
If required, a venous Doppler evaluation is conducted to determine possible causes of your peripheral vascular diseases, and/or contraindication to the treatment
To assist you in monitoring the progress of your treatment we provide you with a complete set of photos, a sample of the different areas affected.
Step 2 Skin Color and Allergy Testing of Medication
A Comprehensive Treatment Plan
The doctor will created an individualized comprehensive treatment plan for your varicose veins
Step 5 a comprehensive treatment plan for your varicose vein
A detail analysis of your Varicose Veins and Spider Veins to help determine the root of your circulatory problem

 We do a coloration test to determine the best suited medication and avoid possible skin staining and/or reaction to the medication we conduct a skin color and allergy testing. Ensuing minimizing risks
Venous Doppler 
We do a Venous Map Evaluation, which we use to prepare a treatment 
plan that is most adequate for you 
Venous Mapping
A Complete Set of Photos
Crown Medical
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First Consultation is FREE. During your first visit we will conduct a comprehensive study of your vascular lower extremities. We will prepare an individualized treatment plan by conducting a computerized medical evaluation, skin and allergy testing, venous Doppler, venous mapping, a complete set of photos. 
Computerized Medical Evaluation for Veins 

Step 1 Computerized Medical Evaluation of vascular lower extremities
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Doppler  Arterial or Venous  
First Consultation is FREE. 
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